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Friday, February 13, 2015

Boyd Alumni Featured in February Issue of Nevada Lawyer Magazine

Several Boyd School of Law graduates are featured in the February issue of Nevada Lawyer, the State Bar of Nevada's monthly publication.

Boyd alumni Derek Armstrong '10, David Gardner '10, and James Ohrenschall '09 are featured in the "Lawyers in the 2015 Legislature" article. The article, about the nine lawyers who serve in both houses of the Legislature, reads, "The lawyers in the Nevada Legislature traveled diverse and unique paths to their seats in the Senate and Assembly. The people of the state will be well represented in the 2015 Legislative Session, by these remarkable individuals from the legal community."

Alumna Nicole Young '13 co-wrote the article, "Stoked About Marijuana Related Accommodations in the Workplace?" The article reads, "It is clear to many that when the 2013 Legislature decided to compel employers to make reasonable accommodations for the medical needs of marijuana-using employees, it ventured well beyond any mandate imposed by Article 4, Section 38 of the Nevada Constitution. Setting that issue aside for the moment, when focusing on the mechanics of this new accommodation obligation, one is immediately struck by a conspicuous inconsistency within NRS 453A.800. On one hand, the statute provides that an employer does not need to modify those “job or working conditions” that are “based upon the reasonable business purposes of the employer,” when providing an accommodation (language added by the Nevada Senate), but, on the other hand, states that an accommodation is not reasonable if it would prohibit an employee from fulfilling any and all job responsibilities (language added by the Nevada Assembly). Two different accommodation standards are expressed in NRS 453A.800(3). Which one controls?"

Alumna Elana Turner Graham '10 wrote the message from the State Bar of Nevada President, this month titled, "Ask Not What You Can for Your Bar, but What Your Bar Can Do for You." In it, she writes, "Most State Bar of Nevada members have just paid or are getting ready to pay their annual license fees. No one looks forward to bills and sometimes it’s very easy to forget license fees pay for more than a means of making a living in Nevada; bar membership also provides access to many truly helpful services and benefits. Are you taking advantage of them? Just as every hard-working attorney helps makes the State Bar of Nevada the best bar it can be; your hard-working bar can help make you the best attorney you can be!"