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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dean Daniel Hamilton, Boyd Alumni Write for Nevada Lawyer July Issue

Dean Daniel Hamilton and several Boyd alumni are featured in the July issue of Nevada Lawyer, the State Bar of Nevada's monthly magazine.

Dean Hamilton authored the Dean's Column, titled "Natural Resources Law at UNLV and Beyond." In it, he wrote, "At the law school, our mission is to educate our students to navigate the complex landscape of natural resources law and policy, at the local, regional and national levels. We are committed to generating discussion and knowledge, so that our students and the community can solve problems and innovate on these important issues."

Alumnus Matthew Christian '02 wrote a letter to the editor. In his letter, he wrote, "Whether you agree or disagree with Mr. Lefebvre’s May column, he must still be praised for using the column for a useful purpose. It is not just 'fluff' that readers skip past on their way to finding out if any of their friends or adversaries have gotten into ethical trouble. The June column on the challenges of private practice is another good example. (It just probably won’t incite letters, even though managing partners of large law firms are likely “offended,” too.) Here’s to using Nevada Lawyer to spur lively debate."

Alumnus Michael Saunders '00 wrote "Distributed Solar Energy in Nevada." The article reads, "Given Nevada’s solar resource potential, falling PV prices, significant increases in electric utility rates that shorten system payback periods, federal and state incentives, and new market entrants, such as SolarCity, offering ways for homeowners to avoid upfront system cost, the future of solar DG in Nevada has the potential to be very bright."

Alumna Kendelee Works '05 wrote "Young Lawyers: In Closing... " In the column, she wrote, "Fortunately, more and more attorneys are recognizing our social responsibility to give back to our communities by providing pro bono legal services. There is an undeniable and overwhelming need for more of us to provide pro bono assistance to those going through unfortunate times. In addition to doing pro bono work, many of our state and local bar organizations also offer opportunities to give back by participating in educational and mentoring programs, charitable drives and day-long community outreach projects, where seniors and veterans can seek guidance regarding estate planning and available benefits."

Alumnus John Zimmerman '05 wrote "Note from the Issue Editor" and co-wrote "Sage-Grouse in the Sagebrush State." In the note, he wrote, "Nevada residents are keenly aware that we live in the driest state in the nation. We also know that much of the land making up our state is owned and controlled by the Federal government. This issue of Nevada Lawyer examines several discrete legal topics that affect the practice of natural resource law in Nevada and which are impacted by the above-mentioned factors."