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Monday, February 24, 2014

Boyd Alumnus Edgar Flores '12 Featured on UNLV News Center

Sean Najera, left, and Edgar Flores
Photo: UNLV Photo Services
On Feb. 24, Boyd alumnus Edgar Flores '12 was featured in the UNLV News Center article Collaborating for a Cause.

The article is about Flores and high school best friend Sean Najera, another UNLV alumnus, teaming up to study the legal services available to Southern Nevada's Hispanic community. Their report, "Legal Service Awareness of the Latino Population in Southern Nevada," was published in the spring 2013 issue of the Texas Hispanic Journal of Law & Policy.

Their study focused on how informed the Latino community is of available no- or low-cost legal services as well as why Latinos use non-attorneys to resolve legal issues.

The story reads, "For Flores, the interest in this particular subject is personal."

It continues, "'My parents often spoke of the meaning of being voiceless, and by 7 I understood it completely,' Flores said. 'At that age very few things were clear to me, but I was certain of one thing - I would join a profession that gave me the necessary tools to defend my family.'"