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Monday, August 13, 2012

Professor Trimble Guest Blogs at Goldman's Technology & Marketing Law Blog

The Boyd School of Law is pleased to announce that Professor Marketa Trimble is guest blogging at Eric Goldman's Technology & Marketing Law Blog.

Professor Trimble's recent post, The Newest Olympic Sport: Evasion of Geolocation, characterizes the evasion of geolocation as primarily an expatriate sport; that is, a sport for those who long for their home television programming and other content on the internet that can be accessed only from inside their home country. By misleading the geolocation tools that website operators have installed, expatriates travel virtually to an internet IP address int heir home country to access their home television programs. In her post, Professor Trimble explains that those damaged by the new Olympic sport of geolocation evasion will be copyright holders who have licensed their content in a territorially limited manner. Professor Trimble concludes that although the evasion of gelocation may not immediately damage International Olympic Committee ("IOC") revenues, it may in the long run necessitate a rethinking of IOC licensing strategies.

Professor Trimble joined Boyd's full-time faculty in 2010, bringing expertise in Conflict of Laws, Patent Law, Cyberlaw, International Intellectual Property Law, Private International Law, Intellectual Property, Copyright Law, European Union Law, and Comparative Law. She is a graduate of Stanford Law School (J.S.D., 2010; J.S.M., 2006) and the Law School of Charles University in Prague (Ph.D., 2002; JUDr., 2001; and Mgr., 1997).