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Friday, August 17, 2012

Dean Rapoport's Latest Article Goes to Press

Congratulations to Interim Dean Nancy Rapoport on the publication of her latest article, "Black Swans, Ostriches, and Ponzi Schemes," in volume 42 of the Golden Gate University Law Review.

Using the Bernie Madoff investment scandal as a launching point, the article offers an insightful examination of what we know (or think we know) about investing as well as when and how we should question our assumptions about investing. According to Rapoport, "The key for those of us with little to no accounting background isn’t to learn accounting principles. It’s to read news stories and ask questions. It’s to be skeptical when things look too good to be true. When a magazine like Fortune runs stories like 'Is Enron Overpriced?' that information is available and accessible to all of us. Our choice to ignore accessible information makes us ostriches. And voluntarily becoming an ostrich — a know-nothing — must have consequences."

Congratulations, Nancy!