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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Professor Fatma Marouf and Boyd’s India Winter Program Featured on Harvard Immigration & Refugee Clinical Program Blog

Fatma Marouf is the co-director of the Immigration Clinic and an associate professor at the William S. Boyd School of Law.

Professor Marouf and the International and Comparative Human Rights Practicum (India Winter Program) she helped develop were recently featured on the Harvard Immigration & Refugee Clinical Program blog.

The May 15 article, titled “The International and Comparative Human Rights Practicum in India: A Hands-On Approach to Cross-Cultural Advocacy,” promoted the unique study-abroad program by commending the “valuable experience” it provides for both the participating U.S. and Indian students who partner together to shed light on the challenges facing vulnerable, migrant workers.

“Their research is dynamic and impactful, and it often turns up critical new facts, such as systemic gaps in the reporting of workplace injuries,” said Professor Marouf in the article. “Over time they become more comfortable tackling large-scale problems that initially seem overwhelming without losing hope.”

Drawing on her extensive experience representing individuals before the Immigration Courts, Board of Immigration Appeals, and U.S. Courts of Appeals, Professor Marouf's research probes various problems involved in adjudicating immigration cases at all levels.