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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Professor Angela Morrison Writes Guest Blog for Hamilton and Griffin on Rights, Highlighted on SCOTUSblog

Angela Morrison is a visiting assistant professor at the William S. Boyd School of Law.

On May 5, Professor Morrison wrote an article, titled “The Court’s Decision in Mach Mining Undermines the EEOC’s Ability to Address Systemic Discrimination,” that was published on the Hamilton and Griffin on Rights blog, co-created by Boyd Professor Leslie Griffin. On May 6, Professor Morrison's guest blog post was highlighted in the SCOTUSblog “Wednesday round-up.”

Her article, which criticizes the court’s decision in Mach Mining, LLC, v. EEOC, reads, "The Court’s decision in Mach Mining will stymie the EEOC’s efforts to litigate systemic cases for two reasons. First, the lack of clarity about the level of detail the EEOC must provide in its ‘communications’ to employers may force the EEOC to reveal the identity of all claimants, resulting in fewer people coming forward to report violations and cut off the EEOC’s ability to seek relief for every person affected by the discriminatory practice. Second, allowing employers to litigate the sufficiency of the EEOC’s ‘communications’ in the pre-suit, administrative processing of claims needlessly introduces delays and inefficiencies in the litigation of the merits of the discrimination suit. And, when the process is delayed, the victims of discrimination suffer.”

Professor Morrison graduated from the Boyd School of Law where she was the editor-in-chief of the Nevada Law Journal and was a student attorney in the Immigration Clinic. Professor Morrison teaches in the Immigration Clinic and Employment Discrimination.