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Friday, April 3, 2015

Professor Ann McGinley Writes About Disability Rights Case on Hamilton and Griffin on Rights Blog

 Ann C. McGinley is a William S. Boyd Professor of Law at UNLV.

On March 30, Professor McGinley wrote about a disability rights case on the Hamilton and Griffin on Rights blog. Her post was titled, "Guest Blog: Ann McGinley, City and County of San Francisco, California, et al., v. Sheehan: Title II of the ADA and Reasonable Accommodations in Police Arrests of Citizens with Disabilities."

In her post, Professor McGinley writes, "As a matter of policy, this case raises serious issues. At a time when citizens are questioning the propriety of police shootings of citizens, if decided in Sheehan’s favor, this case could potentially create incentives in the police departments to train officers more fully about how to approach persons with disabilities. Given that a large percentage of persons in jails and prisons have mental health disabilities, extensive police training that would require officers to approach persons with mental disabilities more carefully could also have a general salutary effect. ... On the other hand, the petitioner argues that police are responsible for their own safety as well as the safety of the public, and requiring them to stop and think before they act could actually create serious safety concerns."

 Professor McGinley is an internationally recognized scholar in the area of employment law, employment discrimination and disability law and a leader in Multidimensional Masculinities Theory, an emerging discipline that applies masculinities theory from social sciences to legal interpretation.