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Monday, April 6, 2015

Professor Ian Bartrum Quoted in The Sacramento Bee

Ian Bartrum is an associate professor of law at the William S. Boyd School of Law.

Professor Bartrum on April 5 was quoted in The Sacramento Bee in an article titled, "Cliven Bundy helps renew old debate, but will things change?" The article talks about a measure in Nevada that "would lay claim to almost all federally managed public lands and water rights in the state."

The article reads, "To describe the bill moving through the Nevada Legislature, professor Ian Bartrum ... said, 'If there's a word beyond absurd, I would use that word.' He pointed to three clauses in the U.S. Constitution that pre-empt state-led efforts to claim land: The Supremacy Clause says federal law trumps state law; The Property Clause gives the federal government authority to own land; and the Enclave Clause provides another source of authority for federal land ownership."

Professor Bartrum's research interests are in constitutional history and theory, the Establishment Clause, and constitutional education.