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Friday, November 21, 2014

Nov. 20 Boyd Briefs Now Available

The Nov. 20 edition of Boyd Briefs is now available.

This week's edition features Weiner-Rogers Library faculty members Jennifer Gross, Andrew Martineau, David McClure, Sean Saxon, Chad Schatzle and Matthew Wright.

Professor Gross is an expert in Nevada legal research and co-edited the Nevada Legal Research Guide. She also manages most of the library's physical collections, making those books more useful and accessible to the law school community.

Professor Martinaeu's expertise in intellectual property law research serves students, faculty and the library well. Additionally, his interest in new technologies has led to better communication among the law library and the communities it serves.

Professor McClure manages services to a productive and prolific faculty at Boyd by coordinating research support for faculty scholarship, helping faculty integrate new technology into their scholarship and teaching, and hoping to promote and share scholarship with new audiences. He also oversees the library's student research assistants.

Professor Saxon manages the systems that document the more than 180,000 books and 60,000 digital titles that the library makes available to the law school community. He additionally serves on the executive committee of the faculty senate.

Professor Schatzle is often the force behind library innovations in services to students. He is also a faculty advisor to the Society of Advocates and a liaison to the Nevada Law Journal and the UNLV Gaming Law Journal.

Professor Wright has led the development of the law library's collections since he joined Boyd in 1999. His work has resulted in a collection that is the largest among law libraries in the state and that is close to comprehensive with respect to U.S. authorities.

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