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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Boyd Students Receive GPSA Awards

On March 29, several Boyd students received awards at the annual Graduate & Professional Student Research Forum, hosted jointly by the UNLV Graduate & Professional Student Association and Graduate College. The forum showcases excellence in research conducted at the graduate/professional level.

Shannon Phenix received the 2013 GPSA Service Award, which recognizes outstanding service that betters the life of graduate and professional students.

Bryn Esplin won second place in the "Law, Hotel and Social Science" division for her poster presentation of her research in India. Her presentation was titled, "Swept Under the Rug: Protecting the Rights and Dignity of Domestic Workers."

Whitney Short received an Honorable Mention in the "Law, Hotel and Social Science" platform session for her research in India examining the implementation of a new anti-sexual harassment law. Specifically, she examined how this law is affecting women workers in India's garment industry.

Several Boyd students who received grants from GPSA presented their research in India at the forum. Teammates Virgilio "Bing" Longakit, Robert Loftus, and Brady Briggs presented about fraud and deception in the international recruitment of nurses. Oscar Peralta and Silvia Villanueva presented their research on health and safety violations in the garment industry.