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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Public Interest Law Film Festival Featured in UNLV News Center Series

The 3rd annual Public Interest Law Film Festival - to be hosted by the Boyd School of Law on Sept. 19 and 20 - was featured on the UNLV News Center on Sept. 11 through a series of articles.

Elizabeth L. MacDowell - Director of the Family Justice Clinic, Associate Professor of Law, and Chair of this year's Film Festival committee - wrote "Film Festival Explores Economic Justice Issues," an overview of the event.

Professor of Law Ruben J. Garcia wrote "All-American Workplaces," providing insight on Shift Change, one of the films to be shown at the Film Festival. 

Francine J. Lipman, William S. Boyd Professor of Law, wrote "Tax Issues Can Be Fascinating," in which she discusses We're Not Broke, another film to be shown at the event. 

Associate Professor of Law Addie C. Rolnick wrote "Unraveling Unfair Work Practices," where she talks about Made in L.A., the third feature-length film to be shown at the Festival.