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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dean Dan Hamilton Featured on KNPR

Dan Hamilton is the Dean and Richard J. Morgan Professor of Law at the William S. Boyd School of Law.

On Sept. 24, he was featured on KNPR's State of Nevada segment Boyd Law School Has A New Dean.

"We fared relatively well. Thanks to Dick Morgan, thanks to John White, thanks to Nancy Rapoport, we are on a great track and headed in the right direction. And we have several comparative advantages. We are the law school for the whole state, and we are able to keep our price competitive compared to our rivals and our competitors. We are very aggressive about placement, and we work with partners in the city and state to place our graduates, so our placement rate has remained strong. We are all struggling for jobs for our graduates, but our placement rate has remained strong. Our tuition has remained competitive. We have a terrific faculty and alumni base that does continue to draw people to the law school," he said during the interview.

Dean Hamilton researches and writes primarily on American property ideology and the legal and constitutional issues raised by the Civil War. He has written numerous articles and reviews on American legal history.