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Friday, August 28, 2015

Professor Ann McGinley Interviewed by Time About Women and Workplace Vulnerability

Ann C. McGinley is a William S. Boyd Professor of Law at UNLV.

Professor McGinley was recently featured in an Aug. 27 Time article titled “Amazon Isn’t the Problem. We Are.” about women working in a workplace where personal traumas and health crises can render them “disproportionately vulnerable to being targeted as drags on the bottom line.” 

In the article, which discussed a recent report about Amazon’s workplace, Professor McGinley said, “It’s a new work world.”

She continued, “The lean-and-mean ethos is particularly hard on women. It’s a cowboy ethic: You can’t play in our clubhouse unless you play by our rules. But those rules don’t work with having a family.”

The article also read: “Furthermore, as McGinley points out, companies that employ harsh tactics that disproportionately affect women might risk serious lawsuits—as well as long-term growth. ‘If you seek to discard half your population, you’re losing a lot of expertise. You’re not going to have the innovation you need.’”

Professor McGinley is an internationally recognized scholar in the area of employment law, employment discrimination and disability law and a leader in Multidimensional Masculinities Theory, an emerging discipline that applies masculinities theory from social sciences to legal interpretation.