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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dean Dan Hamilton, Associate Dean Anne Traum, and Boyd Alumni Write for Nevada Lawyer

Dean Daniel Hamilton, Associate Dean Anne Traum,
Kelly McIntosh '07, and Shane Young '04

Dean Daniel Hamilton, Associate Dean Anne Traum, and Boyd alumni Kelly McIntosh '07 and Shane Young '04 recently published articles in the August issue of Nevada Lawyer, the State Bar of Nevada's monthly magazine.

Deans Hamilton and Traum wrote Dean's Column: Health Law at UNLV. The column reads, "The complexity and constantly changing nature of health law make it a rich and rewarding area for research and teaching. At UNLV, we’ve learned that collaborating across disciplines and professions is essential to understanding the scientific, medical, ethical, legal and economic aspects of health law. And we’re fostering the know-how and impetus to navigate the many challenges of health law that we face in the law and in our communities."

In HIPAA and Attorneys: How it Applies and Why You Should Care in Nevada, McIntosh states, "If you use, receive, request or otherwise encounter individually identifiable health information in your legal practice, it is important to consider how HIPAA may apply to avoid penalties or other consequences for you and your clients."

Young wrote One Focus: A Spotlight on Pro Bono. In it, she writes, "Prior to taking cases with the Legal Aid Center, I had little to no experience in family law, other than teaching a guardianship class as part of my graduation requirements for law school. My background is in business and commercial litigation, so the thought of representing abused children or a father appealing his terminated parental rights was a little daunting. I started with one case, having been promised that I could call on staff and other members for help as needed. Now, several cases and clients later, I still reach out for help. Resources are there so no one is left to figure out how to navigate unfamiliar practice areas alone. In addition, the Legal Aid Center offers training and mentoring."