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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Professors LaFrance and Trimble Author Chapters in Intellectual Property in Common Law and Civil Law

The Boyd School of Law is very pleased to announce that book chapters authored by Professor Mary LaFrance (left) and Professor Marketa Trimble (right) were recently published in Intellectual Property in Common Law and Civil Law (Toshiko Takenaka ed., 2013). 

Professor LaFrance's book chapter, "Passing Off and Unfair Competition Regimes Compared," analyzes the differences between trademark regimes in common law and civil law systems, concluding that common law countries emphasize consumer protection while civil countries focus more on protecting the merchants' investments in their trademarks.  This results in disparate approaches to disputes involving comparative advertising, copycat products, merchandising rights, and keyword advertising.

Professor Trimble's book chapter, "Extraterritorial Enforcement," analyzes three forms of extraterritorial enforcement of intellectual property rights, including the extraterritorial application of intellectual property laws to acts committed outside protecting countries, the extraterritorial litigation of rights under the laws of foreign countries, and cross-border enforcement of judgments rendered in intellectual property cases.

Congratulations, Mary and Marketa!