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Monday, March 25, 2013

Recent Publications by Professor Trimble

The Boyd School of Law is pleased to announce that Professor Marketa Trimble has several recent publications in the areas of intellectual property, international law, and gaming law.

First, Professor Trimble completed a book chapter titled "Proposal for an International Convention on Online Gambling."  This chapter, which will be published in Regulating Internet Gaming: Challenges and Opportunities (Ngai Pindell & Anthony Cabot eds., UNLV Gaming Press 2013), presents the outline of an international convention that will facilitate cooperation among countries in enforcement of their online gambling regulations while allowing the countries to maintain their individual legal approaches to online gambling.  A copy of Professor Trimble's chapter may be downloaded from SSRN here

Second, Professor Trimble completed an article titled "Injunctive Relief, Equity, and Misuse of Rights in U.S. Patent Law."  This article, published in 2012 by GRUR International, a law journal of the German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, discusses recent adjustments that U.S. courts have made to the doctrine of patent misuse and the availability of injunctive relief in patent infringement cases.  An abstract for the article is available from Scholarly Commons here.

Third, Professor Trimble updated and edited a book chapter titled "Extraterritorial Enforcement."  This chapter analyzes three forms of extraterritorial enforcement of intellectual property rights, including the extraterritorial application of intellectual property laws to acts committed outside protecting countries, the extraterritorial litigation of rights under the laws of foreign countries, and cross-border enforcement of judgments rendered in intellectual property cases.  This chapter will appear in Intellectual Property in Common Law and Civil Law (Toshiko Takenaka ed., 2013) later this spring.

Professor Trimble joined Boyd's full-time faculty in 2010, bringing expertise in Conflict of Laws, Patent Law, Cyberlaw, International Intellectual Property Law, Private International Law, Intellectual Property, Copyright Law, European Union Law, and Comparative Law. She is a graduate of Stanford Law School (J.S.D., 2010; J.S.M., 2006) and the Law School of Charles University in Prague (Ph.D., 2002; JUDr., 2001; and Mgr., 1997).