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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Professor Garcia to Sign Marginal Workers at Henderson Barnes & Noble

The Boyd School of Law is very pleased to announce that Professor Ruben Garcia will be signing copies of his first book, Marginal Workers: How Legal Fault Lines Divide Workers and Leave Them without Protection, at the Barnes & Noble in Henderson, Nevada, on June 2, 2012.

Published by NYU Press in January 2012, Marginal Workers weaves together vivid stories about workplace settings with thought-provoking ideas about legal boundaries, policy, and law reform. Undocumented and authorized immigrant laborers, female workers, workers of color, guest workers, and unionized workers together compose an enormous and diverse part of the labor force in America. Professor Garcia demonstrates that when it comes to these marginal workers, the sum of the law is less than its parts and, despite what appears to be a plethora of applicable statutes, marginal workers are frequently lacking in protection. To ameliorate the status of marginal workers, Professor Garcia argues for a new paradigm in worker protection, one based on human freedom and rights, and points to a number of examples in which marginal workers have organized for greater justice on the job in spite of weaknesses in the law.

Garcia currently serves as Professor of Law at Boyd School of Law. Prior to joining Boyd's full-time faculty in 2011, Garcia served as Professor of Law and Director of the Labor and Employment Law Program at California Western School of Law in San Diego, where he taught for eight years. Professor Garcia's research and teaching focus on the ways that race, gender, immigration and globalization impact the law of work. Professor Garcia's scholarly work has appeared in a number of prominent publications, including the University of Chicago Legal Forum, Hastings Law Journal, Florida State Law Review, Florida Law Review, the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Labor and Employment Law, the First Amendment Law Review, and the Journal of Gender, Race and Justice.

Professor Garcia will be signing copies of Marginal Workers beginning at 1:00 p.m. on June 2, 2012, at the Barnes & Noble located at 567 North Stephanie, Henderson, NV 89104.